Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis today became one of five first-time Gold Glove winners in the American League.
The gritty Red Sox first baseman did not make an error in 1,080 total chances and recorded 990 putouts for the Sox.
Youkilis joins former Sox 1B George “Boomer” Scott, a three-time Gold Glove winner [1967, 1968, and 1971], as only the second Red Sox 1B to win the defensive award.
Youkilis joins Tigers 2B Placido Polanco, Angels SS Orlando Cabrera, and Mariners 3B Adrian Beltre as AL infielders who are receiving the Gold Glove honor for the first time.
Tigers catcher Ivan Rodriguez, Mariners center fielder Ichiro Suzuki, Twins outfielder Torii Hunter, Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore, and Twins pitcher Johan Santana round out the 2007 AL Gold Glove winners.


It sure has been an incredible season for the Boston Red Sox and their fans and I know that I enjoyed it as much if not more than I did back in 2004. I can’t wait till opening day and the team gets to come out and get their rings ,It will be magical moment once again. I know 2004 was special because of the long 86 year wait ,And all the tormenting from Yankees fans who’s new taunt to Red Sox Nation is yeah it took you 86 years to win the world series come back and talk to us when you have 27 well as far as I am concerned we won 2 in 4 years and The Yankees have won nothing since 2000. That club is in total turmoil and now they have No Joe Torre No A-Rod No Any Petite and oh yeah No Roger Clemens who stole 18 million dollars from them to win 6 games and lose 6. I sure am grateful he went to the Yankees and not the Red Sox ,He would have ruined our magical season. The Red Sox were just a solid team this year from pitching to hitting to defense ,They were just solid all around. With the likes of Beckett(ALCS MVP) who should win the Cy Young Award to Gold glove caliber 3rd baseman Mike Lowell(WS MVP) who bye the way drove in 120 runs and knocked 20 home-runs well hitting well over 300(Note to Red Sox: Bring Back Lowell) And then their is Youk who won the Gold Clove today for his stellar play at 1st base committing no errors all season and the awesome defense of Coco Crisp in center and Manny being Manny and Big Papi and The best closer in baseball Jonathan Paplebon and by the way the best set up man in the game in Okajima and Dice K had a damn good year for his 1st year in American baseball I could go on and on but you get the point we have a fantastic team. I know we all want Lowell back and so does Curt Schilling who today signed a 1 year incentive laden contract with a base of 8 million and could reach 2 million if he full-fills the incentive clauses.

Let me say this I am here and I am going to start posting to this blog. I have been very busy and have not had time to post to this blog or my other blog  lately but I will be posting here and to the my other blog once again. Curts back and so am I.

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